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About Us

About Us

Who are we?

We are about the acquisition of strategic real estate in Nigeria for commercial development, personal/family needs or speculation purposes in order to attain financial independence and growth.

Investing in Nigerian real estate can be unnerving and scary due to major trust issues in the industry. We at Delazon Realty manage the process for you with your interest fully protected every step of the way. All of our properties are in gated estates and you get to join these projects at the very beginning, giving you access to introductory pricing and a voice in the development of estates that have vastly improved the landscape in cities like Lagos.

Real estate is a sure financial growth stimulus, if done properly. And it should be taken seriously by everyone. Dive in and discover possibilities you never thought existed. 

Our Mission & Vision

To make real estate investing easier and safer than ever before

Information is power as they say. We empower individuals with information they need to make strategic real estate decisions with their interests fully protected and their need fully met.

Our Skills

Best Office Structure
Best Land Locations
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